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The majesty of the Hedge is often overlooked in modern society, however, over this splendid piece of technology named 'The Internet' I will strive to right these wrongs and bring a bit of hedgerow into your everyday life.
It is a simple hope, but a passionate one.

Monday, 24 January 2011

An Introduction.

Are you sitting comfortably?    Good.
In this first post, I shall introduce my aims of this blog and what you can expect by visiting it.
Hedgeology, as it is known among us scholars, is the specific study of Hedges. Many people believe this to be a 'Highbrow' subject, but if that is the case, how come there was once a McDonald's television advertisement that featured a Hedge?
The simple truth is that Hedges are for everyone and no-one is too dirty or 'unclean' to be able to appreciate this. Through the medium of this blog I will show you some of my favourite Hedges, some historical Hedges, and the Hedges that we know and love when we see them everyday of our meaningless lives. We will (hopefully) understand the implications of these Hedges and how they can enlighten our lives.
We will also cover the evils of bushes and 'Fedges' (All will be explained)
So, let us travel into the world of high-quality natural barriers.

Won't you Join me?

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