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The majesty of the Hedge is often overlooked in modern society, however, over this splendid piece of technology named 'The Internet' I will strive to right these wrongs and bring a bit of hedgerow into your everyday life.
It is a simple hope, but a passionate one.

Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Hedge Study No.1

I thought that as this is Hedge No. 1 I would choose a fairly regular, normal Hedge to start us off with. As you can see this is a well-kept Hedge, you could say : Tidy. As you are so observant I'm sure you will have noticed that this Hedge is green. This is the case for the majority of Hedges, BUT NOT ALL.
During my time serving in Vietnam, I saw many Hedges which were green, but they weren't as tidy as this particular one. Shame Really.
There is also another specific feature which I will pick up on, this Hedge is slightly curved. In Hedgeology we call these Hedges 'Curved Hedges' (If it helps to remember that, try and think of a Hedge, which is Curved)
I would also say that the Hedge is a tad taller than your run of the mill Hedge.

Well then, my little fledgling Hedgling, that concludes today's session.
Stay alert and don't compromise your knowledge.
Good Eve.

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